Through tokenization, RedSwan CRE can fractionalize commercial real estate (“CRE”) ownership, making CRE more accessible and attractive to smaller investors with low minimum investment thresholds. Quality, off-market CRE, historically exclusive to deep pocketed private equity and banking firms, is now available to a greater number of individual and institutional market participants. Tokenization also allows us to streamline and compress the time it takes for real estate developers and sponsors to raise equity capital for their projects. A process that traditionally takes many months to complete and requires many intermediaries and a lot of tedious paperwork can be shortened into days or weeks at lower cost. By representing CRE ownership in the form of digital tokens, the possibility of 24/7 liquidity for CRE can now be a reality. RedSwan CRE’s vision is for real estate, over time, to be easily traded in the secondary market like common stocks today. RedSwan CRE operates a Marketplace that showcases digital CRE investment opportunities. It attracts Accredited Investors within the United States under Regulation D and International Investors outside the US under Regulation S. All investments are offered at a very affordable $1,000 minimum commitment.

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