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* Decentralized approach to investing in Real Estate Assets * Innovative blockchain solution with tokenized Real Estate Assets to bring full transparency at every step * Partnership with $PSI to reward token holders of both $ORT and $PSI with dividends * NFT Marketplace with Tokenized Real Estate Assets as fractional NFTs in the OMNI $ORT … Read More »

Roofstock is building the world’s leading real estate investment marketplace. Mission is to make ownership of investment real estate radically accessible, cost-effective, and simple. The platform lets everyone from first-time investors to global asset managers evaluate, purchase, and own residential investment properties with confidence, from anywhere in the world. Since launch, It has surpassed $5 … Read More »

OwnProp is a blockchain-based platform for buying and selling property with ease, transparency, and low cost. OwnProp tokenizes real estate ownership into fractional interests that can be easily bought or sold through its platform. OwnProp is introducing blockchain to the world of real estate at low costs, with high liquidity, and in open markets.